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Chicago Tribune Pension Article Archive 2010-2012

The Chicago Tribune offers an article archive highlighting important developments in public pensions. The archive includes (but not limited to): “Emanuel makes pension pitch to Capital” – May 9, 2012 “Voters to decide on pension proposal” – May 4, 2012 …

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Chicago Tribune: “Abuse & Reform: What other corruption lurks in Illinois’ busted pension system?”

By: Chicago Tribune Editorial Board January 6, 2012 “The realization that Illinois’ public pension system is broken — and gradually approaching broke — now has Illinois’ top Democratic leaders saying they’re determined to find solutions. Or maybe they sense that …

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The Bond Buyer (public finance newspaper): Overview of Illinois Pension Situation

By: Yvette Shields January 4, 2012 “CHICAGO — Illinois’ unfunded pension obligations grew by about $7 billion in fiscal 2011 but its funded ratio dipped just slightly to 43% from 45%, according to the state’s latest pension figures released Tuesday …

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