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At the June 19, 2013 special session of the Illinois General Assembly, legislative leaders agreed to establish a conference committee to recommend a comprehensive pension reform legislation.

What are the next step for pension reform?
Any pension reform legislation requires passage by both the House and the Senate and finally a signature from the Governor. At the moment, no one bill has the full support for passage of the entire General Assembly. To overcome the stalemate, legislative leaders of both chambers have agreed to use a legislative option of a conference committee.

What is a conference committee?
A conference committee represents all caucuses – Senate Democrats, Senate Republicans, House Democrats and House Republicans – to reach an agreement on the two pension reform proposal. The committee consists of five members from each chamber of the General Assembly. The majority caucus of each chamber is represented by three members, while the minority caucus of each chamber is represented by two members. In total, the committee consists of ten members – Democrats and Republicans, Senators and Representatives. Any legislation which is introduced by the conference committee must be agreed upon by six out of the total ten committee members.

When does the conference committee need to reach an agreement?
Governor Quinn has set a deadline of July 9, 2013.

What happens if the conference committee doesn’t reach an agreement?
The conference committee will report that they were unable to reach an agreement and request an appointment of a second conference committee with entirely new members.

Conference Committee Membership
Senate Democrats appointed by Senate President John Cullerton:
State Senator Daniel Biss – 9th District (Facebook, Twitter)
State Senator Kwame Raoul – 13th District (Facebook, Twitter)
State Senator Linda Holmes – 42nd District

Senate Republicans appointed by Senate Minority Leader Christine Radogno:
State Senator Matt Murphy – 27th District (Facebook, Twitter)
State Senator Bill Brady – 44th District (Facebook, Twitter)

House Democrats appointed by House Speaker Michael Madigan:
State Representative Michael Zalewski – 21st District (Facebook, Twitter)
State Representative Elaine Nekwritz – 57th District (Facebook, Twitter)
State Representative Arthur Turner – 9th District (Twitter)

House Republicans appointed by House Minority Leader Tom Cross:
State Representative Darlene Senger – 41st District (FacebookTwitter)
State Representative Jill Tracy – 93rd District

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